Do What You Love or Love What You Do

You ought to do what you love. You deserve it. Though likely you won't get paid for it for a long time unless you've been at it for a while.

And since you weren't born famous or fabulously wealthy, you will have to do a lot of doing of things that you don't think you love. Do these lovingly anyway. Love what you do.

When you put a lot of care into any task, no matter how small, someone will notice: You. And you will take it as a compliment.

"By golly, this Franco guy, sure does take pride in the way he sweeps up the cubbies where the cats live at the Petco! He must really be a stand-up guy!"

You'll start to form ideas about yourself. They'll be grand. You'll swell with pride thinking about this person. You may even be tempted to live up to such an idea of yourself.

I suggest you try it. It's the best medicine I have ever taken.