Drip Coffee Doesn't Have Any Flavor... Unless

I'm in Portland Oregon this weekend to attend the World Domination Summit #WDS2016.

I'm going to admit an expectation that I had for Portland: "The coffee hipsters in Portland better know their shit."

Yesterday, I had a pour-over from Case Study after lunch and it was the first coffee I have had that met the expectation. (Yes! This is what I thought I would certainly find here!)

This morning, I popped over to Public Domain for a morning cup I was talked down from a pour-over to a drip coffee since they normally do a blend for drip and they were doing a single-origin drip this AM. I was skeptical and the lovely lady behind the counter offered me a taste.

It has been a long time since I had a cup of drip coffee that was mouth-wateringly tart with an aftertaste of blueberry. It's interesting that my skepticism against large batches of brew has arrived at the point that I no longer even expect it to be good.

So now I have to revise my story about Drip coffee. Drip coffee doesn't have any flavor unless you're at a local establishment that has it's own name on the bags of beans... That they are thoughtful about not brewing charred coffee... That the beans aren't ground far ahead of brewing... And that the brew hasn't sat too long.

At 615am on a week day... Public Domain's house drip does not disappoint.