Bonner Homes of Reston: Lirio Ct.

Of the homes I see in Reston that I like, most seem to have been made by an architect named Ken Bonner.

This weekend, another one came on the market on Lirio Ct. by South Lakes High School and Lake Thoreau.

Bear in mind that most were designed in the 1970s and the ones that have been remodeled to open up the interior space and to finish out the basements tend to have a better feel.  The 1970s design also seems to involve a severe drawback: no walk-in closets... a dealbreaker for some. 

The Bonner houses tend to be surrounded by mature trees and also feature large windows, many sliding doors facing the rear.  But the best feeling feature, in my opinion is the inclusion of high-up "transom" windows to bring in daylight while maintaining privacy.

I'd love to meet Ken Bonner and shake his hand some day.  I'd better get on that.  1970 was almost 50 years ago.