Squarespace Tip: Hiding The Datestamp on a Post

If you're interested to hide the datestamp on a post, it seems like you have to dive into your Design settings and add some Custom CSS.  I use the Avenue theme and I found a post that describes how to do it via code injection.  I modified it so I could just add it to Custom CSS.

.date {display: none}

Incidentally 'date' is also the class name that I found when I did an Inspect Element in my browser.  So if you're not using Avenue, you might be able to adapt this so that the class matches the class of the datestamp element for another template.

I'm an Engineer for a living and I always recommend that people "look under the hood" to get a better understanding of what is going on and what you might be able to get away with.  It's a character-building practice in life.