It's Adorable! The Concert Ukulele Gig Bag by @PhitzCase

Liz is going to the beach today with some of her friends. A few weeks back, she joined me for a family trip to the beach and we brought our ukuleles. My Kala traveled in the rebranded Uke-Crazy case for Kala, which emphasizes protection but is bulky.

We didn't have a case for Liz's uke so we wrapped hers in a blanket and put a pillow case around that. Not a terrible way for a uke to travel for a car trip but I wouldn't want to take an instrument on a plane this way.

When we returned from that trip, I wanted to buy a uke case for Liz that we could easily stuff away during non-travel times. I purchased the concert uke case by Phitz on Amazon.

The Concert Ukulele PhitzCase and Copper (aka "The Buddy") 

The Concert Ukulele PhitzCase and Copper (aka "The Buddy") 

I wasn't expecting too much but the nylon feels good to the touch and makes the case feel premium. The padding is thick but not oppressive. You can still fold it and stuff it away. Frankly, it's adorable!

A minor drawback is that the storage is also "adorable" (read: cozy). If you try to stick songbooks into the pocket, it won't zip closed and they have to sit sideways. I would redesign the storage in version 2 to have a zipped inner pocket to larger open pocket which can hold a songbook or two.

I am impressed with the cost and quality of this case. If it holds up over time, that would round out what I already deem to be an excellent value.

(Conflict of interest note: None. I'm not receiving anything from Phitz to share this review but the Amazon links are affiliate links. You can support my writing by making purchases off of those links.)

(To The Buddy: thank you for enhancing my photo of the case.)