W-9s and 1099s (Oh My!)

Having your own business is really different than being an employee. Apparently, you're supposed to file one if you're paying rent to someone over $600 unless that person is incorporated.

Spent some of the morning searching the Goog on how this all works (for someone else, I don't have a business... yet).

It looks like there is a service that exists to help collect W-9s and 1099s. I found it when searching out "Freshbooks W-9". It's neat to see that someone setup a service like Tax1099.com to streamline paperwork drudgery.

While I find the existence of the service inspiring from a distance as an example of identifying a problem and creating a solution, that's about where the interest ends. I couldn't see being interested in taxes or the IRS long term. Ick.

Just... Ick.