Report After a Month of V60 Coffee Brewing

I've been using the Tannors clone of the Hario V60 ceramic drip brewer for the last month or so. Happy to report that I have a decent brewing process which is mostly consistent.

Tannors V60

Tannors V60

The Process (As of Today)

I have not changed the amount of coffee, the size of the grind, or the temperature of the water from the process I use for Aeropress. I turn on my hot water kettle to stop at 195 degress fahrenheit.

I use a creased #2 Melitta filter with the bottom folded across for strength and then I fold each side from about 1cm in from the the outside on the bottom toward each top corner. That gives me a good fit for the drip basket.

I heat about my 16 Grande mug in the microwave at 1/3 full of water for 90-sec. Then I run the grinder on two Aeropress scoops on beans, about 4 tbsp I think... I don't do a scale... don't have the room for that. After the microwave is done, I place the paper filter in the ceramic brewer and I run the hot water from the mug through about 3-4 times catching the water with the same mug (and losing a bit each go). This gets the ceramic close to the water temperature.

Add the grains and tap side to level. Pour enough water to cover the top of the grains and then "stir" to ensure even saturation. Wait 10-15 seconds for the coffee to bloom.

This last part I am experimenting with. Options:

  1. pour and fill to the top, stirring the grounds each time
  2. every 10-15 seconds, add water until it's about 1cm over the grounds. Stop when the mug is about half full (or half empty as you like).
  3. suggestions?


Results Compared to Aeropress

Consistency of Process

Main sources of inconsistency come from the shape of the filter after creasing, the amount that I stir, how long the water is able to steep, and the total volume of water used for brewing. These aren't things I am measuring. Just eyeballing them and going on instinct/judgment.


The coffee tastes much as I remember the Aeropress as long as I don't water it down too much.


Aeropress felt much faster. Partly because I didn't feel the need to heat up the plastic syringe. And partly because pressing moves the process along at the end.

The Future

I loved using the Aeropress for so long. And I still have fondness for it. But Aerobie is a plastics company through and through and will not likely make a glass or ceramic version.

Unless I try a different brew process at some point, I suspect I will stick with the V60 brewing for a while.

Regardless I think this still gets me enough continuing education credits for maintaining my "coffee hipster" status.