Dear Sam Harris (Omer Aziz)

Dear Sam Harris,

Just wanted to say that though I am probably in the minority, I would not have asked that you publish the full interview with Omer Aziz. (The Best Podcast Ever: Sam Harris)

I come to your podcast and donate my small bit of change each month because you are a voice of rationality. If you attempted a conversation because you didn't want to assume intellectual dishonesty on the part of Aziz, I applaud that. It worked out in the case of Nawaz and it went badly in the case of Aziz. And some people think you are acting in bad faith by electing not to post it but I do not.

You are not obligated to provide a platform to anyone you consider to be intellectually dishonest. And frankly, I wouldn't worry about your reputation with the people who buy the kind of crap that people like Aziz and Greenwald are spewing because it's clear that rationality isn't part of their criteria.

Do what you do best: Provide clear thinking about hard topics.

I'm glad for your voice on the topic of Islam and, in particular, how liberals in the west can help by not being fellow-travelers.

-Francis Luong (Franco)