Honor Your Wisdom and Don't Take Yourself (Conception) Too Seriously

I now have the wisdom to understand that training my physical strength yields benefits beyond the physical and I give it the time it deserves.

But I also have joints and connective tissue that don't work as well as they used. So, even though I am stronger than I have ever been, that is balanced out by my body compensating for a lot of deficiencies.

Honest truth though? I love the wisdom. I've always felt old and serious relative to my peers. Now I'm older, a bit less serious, but hopefully a bit wiser to make up for that.

When I say I'm less serious, I mean that I feel less wrapped up in any one particular story about myself. I realize there are many options about stories about ourselves.

When it comes to being a contribution, no matter how small, I'm as serious as I've ever been. That's the wisdom at work, I suppose. I honor my wisdom by acting on a desire to contribute on the smallest of scales, as well as the larger ones.

Get started on this early: Honor your wisdom and don't take your self-conception too seriously. Wisdom is accumulating and with you always. Your self-conception is fleeting and flighty. Best to let it be what it is and pay it little mind.