Beware of Deals: Altucher Newsletter Silent Auto Renewal

Found today while looking at my credit card bill: a $79 charge to

It apparently came from what I thought was a $20 deal I purchased on AppSumo. And thanks to this deal, I am have decided that I can no longer trust AppSumo or Altucher.

I have searched my inbox and I see no e-mail from Altucher indicating pending renewal, nor that a renewal charge has occurred. This is strange, because they have my e-mail address.

This is a huge breach of trust and transparency by Altucher. This is a moral equivalent of 1-900 number. It is an underhanded tactic of getting monthly-recurring charges from a lot of people.

Question to James: Do you know this is going on? Do you care what happens in your name? Do you know that you're a crook if you're doing this on purpose hoping that people just forget they're paying you yearly?

I have written Altucher's customer service requesting a refund and cancellation of my account. On Monday, I intend to dispute the charges with my credit card if I haven't heard back from their customer service. I'll update with status here on the outcome.


6/27/2016 - I have received a prompt response and I can confirm they have a very liberal refund policy, which I appreciate.

Thank you for contacting Choose Yourself Media customer support.

In line with our no-questions asked guarantee, your subscription to The Altucher Report has been cancelled and we have processed your $79 refund. Please allow 5-7 business days for the payment to show in your account.