There Is No #FollowTheSun When You're Fighting a Fever

I came home from work early Wednesday because I got those aching feelings in my lower back. The aching is a tell from my body. There is a disease to fight and we are buckling down for a long one.

Since Wednesday I have been awake at night as much as during the day. Sometimes because I'm drenched in sweat. Other times because I am freezing. And yet, other times because I am hungry or thirsty.

This was a bad one. When I awoke in discomfort because of body aches, I might eat, and then I'd microwave my hot pad, put it where my hips would be, lie down and plug into a chapter of an audio book.

Sometimes I'd forget to set the sleep timer on the audio book and it would wake me up later. That is the worst. Then you have to figure out how far to back yourself up to get to someplace in the story that you recognize.

Yesterday was Friday. I felt well enough to distract myself with TV or Video Games. But the internet went out and that pretty much meant it was going to be a video game that doesn't require network since the only TV I have is streaming.

I decided to re-play the Quest for Glory games by Sierra On-line. I recently bought them in a Humble Bundle set with some other games. And, when I went out to visit with my buddy Shirin, his youngest boy, Ismail, had reminded me of these gems because, it turns out, he is such a fan of these antiquated games that he had fashioned a cardboard rendition of Baba Yaga's hut.

Connecting back with the title theme of this post, I was up way beyond sunset playing games. I got to bed around 10pm per usual but this morning I awoke around 430am and you can bet I was on my phone a good bit.

Light and Screen discipline is hard to maintain when your body is in a full-on war with foreign invaders. Hopefully, I can resume my previous pattern beginning tonight without the odd waking up in the middle of the night.

It's tough right now. Sunrise is nearly 7AM and sunset is around 7pm. That means 4 hours where I am awake with no sunlight. Night time is easier... I get to chat with Liz.

I need better strategies for my mornings. Liz has been doing a morning priming routine that involves a walk outside each morning. I wouldn't mind starting with some fruit and a walk as well. Follow that with another bit of fruit and a workout.

Hopefully by the time I'm done with all of that, sun's up.