DIY Door Lock Actuator Change - 2005 Honda CR-V

This morning I changed the Drivers Rear door lock actuator, which stopped working during the winter.

I Bought This Part

72155-S5A-003 - Actuator Assy., Door Lock

I Used These Tools

I Watched These Videos

I had to combine info from two youtube vids to get all the info I need. One is how to remove the rear door panel. The other covers how to replace the front door lock actuator. I had to improvise a few things because the layout isn't exactly the same but the connectors are substantially similar and there are a lot fewer cables.

I Learned These Things

During the course of this work, I had to stop my work and run to the hardware store to buy the #3 phillips screwdriver listed above.  It cost $7.  I had to do this because one of the huge screws holding the lock assembly to the door started stripping when I was using a #2 to loosen it.  

My big takeaway from this effort is that using the right size screwdriver can avoid a lot of trouble.

And an additional bit of wisdom I can offer is to work in the shade.  Because the sun just adds pressure when you're trying to turn a stuck screw.  I did myself the favor of using shady parking in a nearby park to finish the work after I got back from the hardware store.