A Fond Farewell: Ethiopia Chelchele

It was a great summer for coffee if you love the undertone of blueberry. I hit the subscribe button and brewed lots of cups. Finally, they told me the sad news: the lot had run out!

Ceremony Coffee Roasters, out of Annapolis, has had a couple of amazing Ethiopian beans in the last half decade. It's also had a lot that were only so-so. But like the last one that was good from 2017 (codename Biloya), this one was really great.

I plan to take a break from coffee sometime soon. I'm going to try a different bean from Counter Culture: Codename: Jabanto. And if it doesn't work out, it's probably time for a coffee break.

I've been on a solid coffee run since about 2012 when I started buying just-in-time roasted coffee from local roasters. It's the best way to uplevel your coffee if you're already avoiding grinding the whole bag, experimenting with the grind, and hand-brewing to control temperature and steep time.

To my palate, coffee tastes it's best in the first week or two after roasting. I tend to buy 2x 12 oz bags at a time to save on shipping and I finish that in about 3 weeks.