A very fond fare thee well to each of you...

UUNET Vacation

It has been an amazing decade and some change since I joined UUNET as a Sales Engineer.  We have been through a lot together and shared some very dark times and come back from that to really achieve quite a lot. 


I am grateful for the privilege of having been through all of this with you…. For what I have learned from you… for the times that I felt like the king of the world for having conquered a problem or two with a very clever script.  J


This is goodbye… for now.  My journey with Verizon has come to its end and it has been worth it the whole way.  I will see you again.  Bet on it. 


More importantly, make it happen! Add me on Linked-in and/or Twitter.  Send me a message from time to time and tell me what is good in your life.  Send me a message and tell me life sucks, then tell me how I can help you.


I look forward to it.





Francis Luong (Franco) – franco [splat] definefunk.com