Exploring NetConf with SSH

I spent a bit of time tonight exploring NetConf using openssh and a notepad. Per RFC 6242, you initiate a NetConf session to router r1 (user ‘lab’) as follows:

ssh lab@r1 -p 830 -s netconf

And a handy reminder for those of you using JUNOS, you can get the XML-RPC equivalent of any command by piping the command to “| display xml rpc”

lab@R1> show chassis hardware detail | display xml rpc

xml <rpc-reply xmlns:junos="http://xml.juniper.net/junos/12.1X46/junos"> <rpc> <get-chassis-inventory> <detail/> </get-chassis-inventory> </rpc> <cli> <banner></banner> </cli> </rpc-reply>