I'm Not Slacking Off... My Code is Compiling.

I’m a guy that shuttles between his interests.  I always have been.  This is how I end up with a personal ‘business’ card that says that I dabble in photography, dance, music, philosophy and photography.

This blog has been silent for a number of days because I’ve been coding at nearly all hours of the day.  While focused on code, I tend to write less.  And that’s fine.  But you guys miss me though, right?  

So here I am to say that I am alive.  I haven’t forgotten you.  And that if you ever have to code in Ruby, using a good debugger goes a long way.  I’ve been using the one built into the RubyMine IDE by Jetbrains.  I have been using Rubymine since August when I started at Salesforce.com.  I can’t recommend this software enough. It makes the code easier to navigate and debugging much simpler.

Buy their software.  It’s good stuff.

The headline of this blog comes from xkcd 303:

…not that Ruby needs compiling but unit tests do need to be run and when you get a lot of them that takes a few minutes.  The library I am working on takes about 5 minutes to run tests that execute about ~5000 assertions.