New Practices and Habits

I have been playing with putting different things into practice in the routines of my weeks. Here’s some of what is going on.


I no longer have breakfast first thing. I now require that I earn my breakfast through some sort of action: walk, workout, Egoscue E-cises, etc. I believe this is having a beneficial effect on the way my body deals with hunger and blood sugar.

Bass or Excercise

Each day, I will either practice the bass guitar or do a workout. This lets me work on both and ensures that I have time for both.

Clear Calendar Invites Daily

This one is not one I have put into practice yet. But I sometimes miss invites for meetings because they get lost in the mess of e-mail. The iPhone provides a nice feature of collecting calendar meeting invites in a special inbox so I have decided I will start a new morning routine of clearing out that inbox.