#QuickTips: Savor A Bit of Gelato


My “sweet tooth” is a bit unusual. A lot of the time, I can only have a little bit and then I just stop. My girlfriend doesn’t know how I can just have a few spoonfuls of gelato and then I’m done.

So I thought about it and here’s what I think are the key factors that may add up to a quick and dirty dessert strategy:

  1. I only buy pints of gelato. No cheap stuff. I like Talenti Coffee Chip.
  2. I eat directly from the container while standing up. No need to be comfy, I won’t be long. Just need a clean spoon. (note: This won’t work if you have kids and you’re trying to get them to eat at the table, so alter to your needs.)
  3. I try to savor the flavor of each spoon. When I stop pausing to notice how awesome it is, I’m done. Put the spoon in the sink, put the gelato back in the freezer.
  4. I only get to eat gelato once a day. Usually after a meal, but not while I feel “full”. And it’s better as an irregular impulse than an expected sequence.

It sounds a bit uncivilized when I write it out, but I dare say I enjoy each spoon of my gelato a lot more this way than in large and regular doses.

(Photo Credit.)