Starting from Scratch

I am reading online materials voraciously at the moment.  I started going through CYT’s Top Personal Development Blogs of 2011 and seeing what was interesting at the very upper end of that list.  And since the list starts from #50 and goes downward to #1, I skipped ahead.  Ahem… :)

This brought me to #2 pretty quickly.  Therese Schwenkler is a very energetic writer whose main gist seems to be that we need to be more okay with not having everything worked out and that we can’t simply sit and think our way into meaning and purpose.  And she follows on with clarifying advice: don’t sit down in the maze. Her style is very personal, informal, and spunky.  Her words and ideas are accepting and encouraging.  And ultimately, she posits that we have to take action and explore. 

I’ve enjoyed the bits of her writing I have read and I am checking out some of the materials she thinks are worthy reads, such as Recession Proof Graduate.

People who know me know that I’ve been doing the same job for a while.  And it has been really good and really satisfying at times.  But it’s been a bit stale lately and I have been trying to figure out what is next for the last year or so with no tangible progress.

I stand at the beginning of some serious change in my life and I hope that soon I will be a few steps closer to doing work that is more personally meaningful and that I can’t wait to get to after I wake up, right after I coffee and feed myself.