DIY Door Lock Actuator Change Redux 2018 - 2005 Honda CR-V

A year ago this time, I replaced the Left Rear door lock actuator for my CR-V.

Today I renewed my Youtube Renaissance Man membership. At 175k miles and 13 years of age, I had to replace the Right Rear side door lock actuator as well.

I was quoted a repair price of $311 from a local dealer for this repair. I completed it in less than an hour, owing to previous experience.

I Bought This Part

Genuine Honda 72115-S5A-003 Door Lock Actuator Assembly

It's less than $60.

I Used These Tools

  • #2 Phillips screwdriver for most work
  • A really small flat-head screwdriver for prying
  • #3 Phillips Screwdriver for the large screws that hold the latch assembly in place.

I Watched These Videos

To disassemble the Door:

* Remove plate and screws from inner door handle
* Remove screws from under grab handle
* Pry up switch panel, remove switch panel
* Finger pry to remove Triangle trim by window, and pop clip underneath
* Mask Tape Window Trim because removing and re-installing the door will scratch the trim.
* Remove inner handle from rod and set aside
* pull entire door panel toward yourself, then lift up and off
* unplug panel speaker from door panel
* If any clips stay with door, move them to the panel

And to disassemble the lock actuator, I had to combine info from two videos. The first one discusses removing a front door lock latch assembly which is actually more complex:

This video is a very badly done left rear lock actuator replacement. He doesn't remove the entire latch assembly and that is my recommendation.

With this diagram as reference...

2002-2006-honda-cr-v-RR-door-lock.png is the sequence I recommend:

  • disconnect the rod that goes to the lock stem and knob (#6)
  • unsnap both rods from the door (holder/guide #13)
  • remove the 2 screws for the black tray (#24) which is behind the rods
  • remove the black tray
  • disconnect the rod from the exterior door handle to the latch assembly (connects to top left of #17)
  • Using a #3 Philips screwdriver, remove the 3 large screws (#38 in diagram) holding in the latch assembly.
  • pull the latch assembly out using the rods and find a nice flat place to work
  • remove the screw (#39) that is securing white plastic protector (#18) and remove from assembly
  • remove 2 screws (#35) attaching actuator (#1) to latch assembly (#17)... you may need to pivot the green plastic thing outward to get the actuator to disenage from the latch assembly. There is nearly no force required to remove it.
  • attach your new assembly and start reversing all of these steps.