That's What She Said: A Perfect Example of Habit Formation.

“Is this box big enough to even fit all of that?”

It pretty much begs you to take a swing at it, right? This is a perfect example of a habit loop. The trigger is a statement with phrasing that could be re-contextualized as an innuendo. The habit? That’s what she said!!!

I’m pretty damn sure no one is born saying it. And as of a few years ago, now EVERYONE has said it. Everyone has practiced at looking for the perfect opportunity to drop TWSS and catch people off guard during an office meeting with people you’re not supposed to talk dirty around.

There you are looking at the screen. The text is tiny! Someone says aloud: 

“That’s really small… can you make it any bigger?”

Laughter. Genuine raucous laughter. You couldn’t design a better reward for a habit loop.

Initially, to practice at dropping a TWSS is pretty much have to be doing it all the time. At some point it requires nearly no thought.

A Possible Design Pattern

So we have here a possible lead on a design pattern. It needs some refining but I love the possibilities.  

Given some new behavior you want to make second-nature, try to figure out a reward for it. Intrinsic rewards, i.e. those which are a natural outcome, are superior to extrinsic ones. 

Then go about practicing the new behavior in the desired contexts. It also helps if there is a clear trigger though I can’t seem to identify one for TWSS other than, “someone said something”.

(Photo Credit: Bradley Gordon)