Trusting in Non-Linearity as the FNG

I’m officially two months in at and it’s really kind of neat to be in a non-telecom environment for the first time. I’ve had to really get settled with the idea that I am not going to be “fully productive” or feel the confidence of “understanding the unique value that I own” in my place of work for some time. (I’ve known this all along but getting the gut to catch up with the head is hard work sometimes.)

This is the plight of the new guy. There’s just too much you don’t know and the only way to get to know it is to buckle down and start doing stuff… probably badly. There are three things I am trusting here. I have trust in myself because I have managed to become top-tier effective wherever I have applied myself. I have trust that my team is going to give me the feedback I need so that I can work with them in a way that is congruent with the goal and with their work in progress. And I trust in the non-linear nature of this kind of learning.

What do I mean by non-linear? Don’t make too much fun of my “line”. I was too lazy to use a straight-edge but not too lazy to use a scanner.

Anyway, I trust that as I apply myself to my work, the things I learn will gather, have sex in my brain, and multiply such that I can understand much more than two times what I can understand today when we reach the four months mark. And, hopefully, that translates into smarter results, better output which factors in the many requirements from our many constituents and clients.