Unit testing with tcltest

Thanks to a very helpful online blog tutorial, I was able to get going with some real unit testing for my juniper-helpers library on github. This is going to be very handy to have.

  fluong@ubuntu:~/juniper-helpers/test$ ./all.tcl
  Tests running in interp:  /usr/bin/tclsh8.5
  Tests located in:  /home/fluong/Dropbox/code/juniper-helpers/test
  Tests running in:  /home/fluong/Dropbox/code/juniper-helpers/test
  Temporary files stored in /home/fluong/Dropbox/code/juniper-helpers/test
  Test files run in separate interpreters
  Running tests that match:  *
  Skipping test files that match:  l.*.test
  Only running test files that match:  *.test
  Tests began at Sun Mar 09 21:22:38 EDT 2014
  ++++ range_1_1 PASSED
  ++++ range_1_2 PASSED
  ++++ range_1_10 PASSED
  ++++ range_2_10_2 PASSED
  ++++ ipv4_count_0 PASSED
  ++++ ipv4_count_1 PASSED
  ++++ test_ipv4_1024_incr_third_octet PASSED
  ++++ nsplit_single_line PASSED
  ++++ nsplit_basic_1 PASSED
  ++++ njoin_single_item PASSED
  ++++ njoin_basic_1 PASSED
  ++++ nrange_0_0 PASSED
  ++++ nrange_0_1 PASSED
  ++++ nrange_end PASSED

  Tests ended at Sun Mar 09 21:22:38 EDT 2014
  all.tcl:        Total   14      Passed  14      Skipped 0       Failed  0
  Sourced 2 Test Files.