Double Bass Shopping, Epicure Cafe, and... The Kensington Day of The Book 4/28

What I've been up to lately.

This weekend I spent a lot of time at Foxes Music checking out double-basses. Unfortunately for me, the one I love is more expensive than a couple of my most expensive electric basses put together. Also, I'm not certain that I'm the right caretaker for a fine instrument at this point.

They say your first motorcycle should be something used because you will probably drop it, crash it, or do something otherwise foolhardy that will make you glad it wasn't new. True for expensive instruments? I don't know.

Last I got to hang out at Epicure Cafe for the 3rd Sunday Jam run by Jerry Bresee. It was sparsely attended, probably owing to Passover and Easter. But I liked how friendly and casual it was. I got into longer conversations with people than usual and found 3 music educators in attendance. Very cool!

I had the chicken kabob for dinner! It was good!

On 4/28 at 11am I will be joining Sisters Uke and Friends on Bass to play at the Kensington Day of the Book for a couple sets on the porch of the Sweat Shop.

I met Liz Brinker and Cinda Smith a couple years back at the Strathmore Uke Fest and they have been really great musical collaborators. It should be a good time!

Sisters Uke and Friends - Kensington DOB Flyer.jpg