Week 1 with the Shen SB180 Double Bass

I've had the bass for a week now.

I finally made time to watch a DVD I bought: Essential Techniques for Acoustic Bass. I added pencil marks this afternoon to help me to navigate and learn the distances between notes. The first 2 marks I added are equivalent to the second and third frets on a Bass Guitar.

Unlike bass guitar, which often employs 4-finger-to-4-frets, most of the methods I have looked at use three fingers over three "frets" because of the extra distance. At least until you get up higher.

I definitely think this will help me to develop muscle memory. I spent far too much time hunting for notes before.

This week, I bought rosin and a stand for the bass so I don't have to lie it on the side all of the time. I am only playing it a tiny bit every day because it takes a lot of stamina. No problems with calluses or blisters just yet.

And sometimes my noises sound musical too.