Sunday Gigs - Franco On Bass

From a couple emails I sent to my personal email list:

6/30: Gig @ Olney Farmer's Market with Sisters Uke and Friends

Sunday **morning** I will be playing with Sisters Uke and Friends at the Olney Farmers Market.

Sunday 6/30/2019 at 8pm: Franco @ The Jazz Workshop Performance Set 2

For those who don't already know, my music education program presently includes being a student at The Jazz Workshop

I've been in the Monday 615p group since October or so and this Sunday we will be one of the featured groups that get to perform a set.

There are usually 2 performance sets on the last Sunday at Epicure Cafe.  7pm is the first set, but my group's set is at 8pm!

The music is Jazz in a small-group combo, all instrumental and heavily improvisational. If you're a swing-dancer it's way more bebop-y than what we're used to on the dance floor and the songs run a bit long for dancing.  (also note, Epicure isn't setup for dancing, it's more of a listening/dining room)

Our lineup is:

  • Steve Halter on Trumpet

  • Patrick Fazzone on Mandolin

  • Mark Glassman on Guitar

  • Larry Smith on Piano

  • John Goss on Drums

  • Franco on Bass (me)

If you're from town or in-town, this is a good chance to come see what I've been working on!  Message me if you have any questions.