Franco Now: 2017 3Q

Goals I Will Complete

  • Become a homeowner again, and move.  
  • Record a 4th of July Video for Youtube (today)
  • The Ukulele Way: Book 5
  • Take a Vacation to Duck with the family.


  • Practice Ukulele Techniques and #Uke50ByHeart 
  • PLAY Ukulele too. (meaning... don't just PRACTICE)
  • Call Bullshit when I see it...
    • be truthful even when faced with ostracism
    • invite people to unfollow me when they think I owe someone an apology
    • apologize only on my own terms based on my sole judgment
    • see to it that there is no occasion to apologize
  • Interval Training: 4 sets, 2 minute max rep with 1 minute rest
    • Squats
    • Push-ups
    • Sit-ups
    • Pull-ups
  • Read a section of the Qur'an each day.
  • Read a chapter of technology reading from a published book each week.
  • Clean house when idle.