Joe Rogan Experience #877 - Jordan Peterson

I've only checked out the episodes of Rogan that friends have said I have to listen to except for this one, which I have listened to with no recommendation.

Rogan has proven himself to be a really smart and knowledgable host who can hang with nearly anyone, at their level. This one has an amalgam of philsophy, psychology, and mythology and it's pretty dense at times but it's a great discussion about the cancerous effects of Postmodernist philosophy and its war against clear thinking and elevation of feeling over fact.

Peterson has decided to take a vocal stand against recent legislation in Toronto in regards to gender pronouns and I first became aware of him from Sam Harris's podcast but this conversation flows a lot better than the ones between Harris and Peterson.

This is a 3-hour chat. It is profound and worth your time.

A Particularly Truthful Paragraph

> “Of course obstacles exist. But part of life’s purpose is removing obstacles, or at least minimizing their impact. The worst obstacles are not found in nature, but in the irrational or erroneous things human beings do to each other—and to themselves. (For evidence, read world history and examine today’s headlines.) This is one reason why we need a field of psychology, and (more fundamentally) philosophy, and is why human beings eschew these fields at their peril.”

This one really hits home for me. I’ve been interested in psychology and philosophy a long time and I think I really didn’t notice why until I read this.